One-Strike Combat is a unique addition to the Fighting Fantasy rules found in the gamebook Chasms of Malice.[1]

Intended to simulate a quick exchange of blows between opponents in precipitous locations where a full Battle is impossible (e.g. on a ledge or rope-bridge), One-Strike Combat is resolved as follows:

  • The player rolls 2d6 for their opponent and 2d6 for themselves. If the player's roll is greater than the opponent's, the player has won; if the player's roll is less than their opponent's, the player has lost. The losing combatant falls to their death. If the rolls are equal, no-one wins and the rolls must be made again.

Note that One-Strike Combat makes no reference to the skill or stamina of the combatants and is entirely random. The chance of winning/losing a single instance of One-Strike Combat is exactly 50%, the chance of winning two such combats is 25%, the chance of winning three is 12.5%, and so on. Because of this, and because even the optimal path through Chasms of Malice requires you to fight two One-Strike Combats[2] (non-optimal paths require you to fight more), One-Strike Combat has proved to be unpopular with Fighting Fantasy fans.[3]

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