The Orb of Shantos is an orb fashioned in blue crystal that knows the secrets of the Minotaur’s lair.[1]

Vangorian LinkEdit

The Orb of Shantos is also named as one of the eight treasures of Vangoria. If that realm is indeed a land long since lost under the seas between Allansia and the Old World, this would make the Orb one of the last vestiges of a forgotten and lost kingdom.[2]

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  1. The Tasks of Tantalon - p.16, p.18, p.22
  2. Theories circulate that Vangoria, the setting for BattleCards, was formed after the splitting of Irritaria as that portion of the supercontinent that separates what became Allansia and the Old World. It was long ago lost beneath the oceans separating those two continents. The theory is non-canonical in origin, but items such as the Orb of Shantos appearing in both worlds, as well as the Eelsea being common to both Vangoria and the Old World lend heavy weight to the theory. For more information, see BattleCards#Links to Fighting Fantasy

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