Cm orghuz
Race/Species Human
Gender Male

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Orghuz was born in the north-west of Khul in around 1500OT.[1]

He was the son of a Duke of that Region, and younger brother to Tancred. After taking advice from Bahriyya, their father's seer, Tancred and Orghuz set off on a long journey south to the River Swordflow. They crossed the river and settled the lands that now make up the realm of Gorak, establishing relations with the Gaddon people of the chasms below who had populated that land many years before.

After a number of years of friendly relations the Gaddon came under attack by an ancient Evil, the name they gave to which was simply "The Malice". Tancred and his brother offered their help to the Gaddon who had prepared for each of them the Twin Swords of Light. Wearing these as well as their famous Diamond and Glass Armour, Tancred and Orghuz mustered their forces and bravely set about fighting the forces of the Malice, led by the mighty Khuddam.

At the Battle of the Chasms of Gloom, Orghuz was captured by the forces of the Malice after a brave but foolish cavalry charge, and was thought killed. However, several days later he returned, and was welcomed by his troops but something was amiss. Little did Tancred know that his brother had been taken by the Malice, and The Malice that now possessed the body of Orghuz set about creating a trap for the Army of Tancred. Great forces were lost before Tancred realised the truth of the matter, but "Orghuz the Malice", as he was from that day known, had disappeared into the depths of the Chasms. The True Shield was set up and secured by the Great Seals. Tancred maintained that Orghuz his brother died at the Battle of the Chasms of Gloom and a ceremony was held in his name in Gorak. But Orghuz the Malice lived on as Master of the Khuddam to wreak revenge another day.

The Great Seals were broken almost 800 years later and the Khuddam were released to convert as many beings as they could to Evil whilst Orghuz worked on destroying the spells of the True Shield which kept the Khuddam from multiplying. Before he could do so, however, the heir of Tancred through many generations overcame Orghuz The Malice, destroying finally the body of the once noble man. Once the spirit of the Malice was banished from the body and sent back to the Abyss, the body simply became dust and finally the body of Orghuz, one of Gorak's greatest heroes was laid to rest.

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