Ostragoth the Grim was a mighty war leader of southern Khul with an even mightier thirst for power.[1]

He first came to notoriety as a mercenary, soon forming his own band. The reputation he gained in this guise brought many to his banner and soon his band became an army for hire. Ostragoth was not content with this, however, and sought to make himself a mighty ruler, setting his mind on south-west Khul. His military might was strongest in the late third century AC and many famous regiments and forces were at his command, the Elite Knights of the Horned Skull, the Clawed Hand and the Vulture's Wings were just a handful of those at his disposal. His power did not end at the shores of the sea either for the mighty Fleet of Conquest was also formed under his guidance. Ostragoth's ambitions were perceived by the wizard Jaxartes who persuaded Ostragoth that the key to power in south-west Khul would be to destroy the power of the Mage Council, of which Jaxartes had been the foremost member. For seven years for the Ostragoth-Jaxartes Alliance consolidated their power and planned the demise of the council finally making their move in 284AC when the council met in Zamarra. The Black Flag of the Ostragoth-Jaxartes Alliance was raised and the siege begun and all looked lost for Zamarra. However, the Battle of Zamarra was their undoing for the "Eternal Breathe" in the Fangs of Fury was reignited by the Chosen One of the Wazarri bringing the mighty Stone Sentinels of the Citadel of Zamarra to Life. These massive Stone Dragons soon destroyed Ostragoth's Army. As to his fate, none know for his body was not found.

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