Prior to the publication of Spellbreaker, Jonathan Green had submitted another Fighting Fantasy book, titled Outlaws of Kaan.


As its name suggests, Outlaws of Kaan was to be set in north-west Allansia, but the proposal was rejected and parts of it were recycled in Spellbreaker and Howl of the Werewolf.[1] Jonathan Green notes that he called the city "Kaan" (rather than "Kaad") after "misreading" the name on the map in Out of the Pit, and that no-one corrected his "mistake".[2]

It was I who approached Puffin. It went along the lines of, as a naïve, spotty teenager with a bad haircut, I wrote a letter to Puffin telling them that they had to let me write my own series of adventure gamebooks all based in my own fantasy setting because they would be just great ... blah blah blah. Surprisingly, rather than tell me to go away and come back again when I'd gained some maturity and humility, the Gamebook advisory editor at the time - Marc Gascoigne - wrote back saying that Puffin only published gamebooks in the FF series and the FF setting but that if I would like to submit a proposal for a book this was how I should go about it ...

Time passed and having finished my A-levels, with a long summer ahead of me before heading off to university I had a go at writing a proposal. It was called
Outlaws of Kaan and, to be honest, it was pants! Marc Gascoigne kindly read it and made helpful comments and by Christmas I was writing a second draft.[3]


Future of the BookEdit

Given parts have been reused in subsequent gamebooks, it is not likely that this adventure will ever be published.

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