The ancient Forest of Lein in Ruddlestone is doubtless home to many bands of robbers and outlaws and one such band is known to operate in the eves of the Forest, on the road between Havalok and Assart. These Outlaws of Lein dress in "rough clothes of brown and green",[1] and among their ranks are a one-eyed cut-throat (Sk: 6, St: 5), a bandit woman wearing metal-studded leather armour (Sk: 7, St: 6), a renegade monk (Sk: 6, St: 7), and a tall man whose face is hidden by a hood (Sk: 8, St: 7). This hooded Wolfshead is their leader, and is distinguished by his "refined accent".[2]

A favourite trick used by these Outlaws is to span the road with a thin rope, in a bid to unhorse the unwary, before they relieve them of their wealth.[3]

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