Domain Winds
Home Elemental Planes
Other Names Father of the Winds
Symbols Blowing Face
Parentage Vuh
Spouses Unknown
Children The Winds
Siblings Hydana; Sukh
Affiliations Gods of Wind and Water; Celestial Court
Holy Day 22nd Dark (23rd Skies in Darkness)[1]

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Pangara is the god of the Winds. He is also known as the Father of the Winds.[2]


Pangara does not reside in the Celestial Court but in the Elemental Planes. He is the brother of Sukh and Hydana. It is believed that he is a member of one of the original families of the gods created by the Primal Deities. In his case, his family is believed to have been created by Vuh.


In the Legend of Throben, Pangara is one of the six gods who created this mystical land to prevent the loss of the wisdom of magic after the First Battle. The people who were invested with magic by him were the Bird Men, his creation. It was the six gods who together brought about the existence of the Theomancer to unit the six peoples of Throben in this tale.[3]


Pangara's Head depicted on Hydra


Despite his absence from the Celestial Court he is still most definitely one of the Greater Gods. Most ports will have a temple dedicated to Pangara, and sailors will visit such a temple to seek his blessing for their voyages ahead. All too often unwise sailors pray only to his brother Sukh for a lack of stormy weather. Although it is true that these brothers often work in tandem their domains should not be confused. For speedy journeys Pangara should be beseeched for it is he who provides the wind.

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