Pantu was a mysterious creature that assumed Human form whilst in the service of King Maior of the Isles of the Dawn.[1]

He was a treacherous and sadistic official who firstly succeeded in disgracing Grand Councillor Merzei - who had believed his advice to be poisonous - and secondly in turning away a delegation from Hachiman and thereby creating the opportunity for a diplomatic complaint be lodged.

In his true form, he was a vast serpent-like creature with a humanoid head and arms, but claws and venom-dripping fangs instead of nails or teeth. When summoned by the King to be a witness to the appointing of a young peasant who had come to petition Maior for aid against mercenaries ravaging the land, his devious nature was revealed to the peasant by means of the Sacred Sword of Tsui which he had acquired, and was promptly slain.

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