Pasha Vulfolaic

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Pasha Vulfolaic the Vicious is the "exceptionally rapacious" ruler of the great empire which has at its centre the city-state of Gundobad.[1]

Vulfolaic is titled "Pasha". Pashas were high-ranking individuals in the Ottoman Empire (which originating in Turkey), and is a word of Turkic origin. This connects Vulfolaic, culturally as least, to places like the Turkic-inspired Kazan with its Vizier, and the central Khul empire of Khan Gyorgir, Khan being a Turkic and Mongolian title. This is evidence perhaps that Gundobad and its surrounding lands are in fact in Khul, and that Vulfolaic's Empire is historically connected with the Kabeshian Empire.

See Location of Gundobad for further discussion.

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  • "Vulfolaic" (also "Wulfolaic") was the name of a Lombard saint of Carignan in the Ardennes who lived in the 6th century AD.[2] Since the Lombards were a Germanic people who originally spoke a Germanic language, it is extremely likely that the element "vulf/wulf" in his name derives from the common Germanic root for "wolf", *wulfaz, which survives in modern English as wolf.[3]

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