Paul Struth is the author of The Dervish Stone.


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Paul was the winner of the "Adventure Competition" in issue 1 of Warlock with The Dervish Stone. Part of the prize was that the adventure would be published in full in a later issue of Warlock, which occurred in Issue 4, where the adventure was published complete with with illustrations, Adventure Sheet, rules, and "Background". In terms of fitting into the world of Titan, there were no explicit references to Titan, but neither were there contradictory references and it has generally been accepted that the adventure takes place in a part of the Wastes of Chaos of Khul called the Twin Sun Desert. The adventure appeared to call on many elements from other science fiction and fantasy publications, most notably from the original Star Wars trilogy. However, its incorporation into the canon of Titan lent weight to the existence of Blue Dragons and introduced readers to the Fire Giant in a Fighting Fantasy context.



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