Fish Man
skill 7 (male) or 6 (female)
stamina 8 (male) or 5 (female)
Weapon Used Small Claw or weapon (Spear or Dagger)
Habitat Seas
Number Encountered 1-2
Type Humanoid/Fish
Reaction Unfriendly-Hostile
Intelligence Average-High

Pelagines (female: Pelaginettes) are a type of animal/humanoid monster in the Fighting Fantasy franchise.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Pelagines are possibly a branch of the Fish Man family which emigrated into the deep seas and evolved into their own subrace. It is known that at least a major group of them dwells in the waters around the Isles of the Dawn.

It is hinted that Pelagines are more intelligent and sophisticated than their cousins. They revere the scarlet pearls found in the Isles' coastal waters as sacred and will chase down anyone who removes them from their rightful place. A pursuit party usually includes mated pairs for greater efficiency in group combat.[1]


Pelagines are in appearance quite similar to their cousins, the Fish Men: huge fish with a set of humanoid arms and legs. Their scales are thicker, however, serving as a natural set of armor.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Pelagines have the ability to breathe both water and air, thanks to a set of lungs from their Human origin. It is likely that their thick scales protect them much better from the effects of dehydration than the Fish Men's do, which allows them to stay out of the water for a bit longer, though the exact period of time is not clearly determined yet.

The thick scales also protect the creatures effectively from injuries, subtracting 1 point of damage from any hit they take.[1]


See AlsoEdit


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