Pilfer Grass

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Pilfer Grass

Pilfer Grass caught in the act of stealing!

Pilfer Grass is a long-leafed grass that grows abundantly in large meadows in the Shamutanti Hills.

It has the unfortunate habit of stealing items from passing travellers using the tops of its leaves. These bend themselves towards a prospective victim, wrapping around bags, boots, and belts, in an attempt to pickpocket Gold Pieces, items, or Provisions. Why it should do this remains a mystery. Wayfarers forced to navigate a meadow of Pilfer Grass are advised to stick to known paths, where they may lose just one item, as opposed to forging their own way through the Pilfer Grass which could result in two or more items being filched. For some reason, Pilfer Grass tends to prefer purloining items and artefacts, choosing to steal Gold Pieces and Provisions only if there is no alternative.[1]

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