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The Pink Lotus is an extrapolated name given to a plant with strange properties found growing near the city of Kalamdar, on the fringes of the deserts that form the Northern Waste.[1] The Pink Lotus takes the form of a pungent flowering tree around twenty feet high, which commonly grow together in natural groves. Every tree is covered with pink, many-petalled blooms, each as big as a fist.[2]


The flowers of the Pink Lotus are highly addictive if eaten. In fact, substantial communities of addicts often spring up around Pink Lotus groves:

On the ground between the trees, living in sickening filth and squalor, are a large number of glassy-eyed, emaciated people, who from time to time pull flowers from the lower branches and slowly munch on them. However, not one of them looks unhappy; in fact, all are fixed with the most stupefyingly happy grins you have ever seen.[3]

As one dreamily-smiling Pink Lotus addict tells Lothar, once ingested, the flowers give the eater unlimited powers of perception and control. ""This is paradise," he says, "but you cannot see it ... yet.""[4]

If Lothar is unwise enough to chew on the flower, and swallow its juices, then:

You instantly see the folly of your quest and the absurdity of kingship. Plucking and eating another flower, you seat yourself in the grove which, strangely, no longer looks half as bad as when you first saw it. The sky is marvellously blue, the trees alive, and all is well. You are going to enjoy staying here! Your adventure is over.[5]

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