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The Plague Village[1]

The Plague Village is an unnamed village in the Shamutanti Hills, between Dhumpus and Birritanti.

It is "a small settlement of crudely made huts", and the villagers are "a sorry looking bunch, short and squat with tough, leathery skin."[2] At the time of the events described in The Shamutanti Hills, the village was afflicted by an infectious plague,[3] and several of the villagers "are missing limbs and some are only able to drag themselves along with their hands."[4]

Although there is no evidence for it in the text of The Shamutanti Hills, it is not impossible that Gorretanti, a village named by Vancass the Hunchback, is the actual name of the Plague Village.[5]

The Plague Village in the d20 ConversionEdit

In the d20 conversion, the Plague Village is called Taddapani. It was infected three months prior to the events of the adventure. The plague killed 170 of the 210 inhabitants. Bronnie, a young woman, is one of the last survivors.[6]

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