The Pocket Myriad is an enchanted gadget.


The exact physical description of the Pocket Myriad is unknown, but it appears to have at least a rod-like shape[1] with an undefined number of buttons or studs on it.[2] When one of these is pressed, the Myriad will produce a weapon or tool to aid its wielder. It is unknown, however, whether the choice of selectable items is a fixed feature or the Myriad magically responds to the current requirements of its wielder.

One Pocket Myriad was known to have been used by a Black Elf, who served as a cellarer under the dark sorcerer Balthus Dire in the dungeons of Craggen Rock.[3] Although the Myriad was damaged in the Elf's fight with a hero sent to assassinate Dire, it remained functional, but the exact extend of its impairment - if any - remains unknown. This particular Myriad has been known to produce the following items:

  • a steel weapon blade[4]
  • a line and hook[5]
  • a blade of pure energy, called a Sun-Sword, which adds 4 points to its wielder's combat skill[6]

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