Polar Bear
Polar bear[1]
skill (9 - see text)
stamina (14 - see text)
Attacks (2 - see text)
Weapon Used Bite/claw, large
Habitat Edges of the frozen northern ice-plains of Allansia
Number Encountered 1
Type Mammal/Ursid
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

Frost giant

A Frost Giant wearing the skin of a Polar Bear[2]

The Polar Bear lives in the frozen lands north of the Icefinger Mountains in Allansia, particularly near the coast and on the southern edges of The Ice Wastes and The Frozen Plateau.[3]

Little is known of these powerful, snow-white Bears as they are rarely encountered in the sparsely populated lands of the north. At least some of the peoples of the lands to the south are aware of their existence, however, since ivory carvings of Polar Bears are occasionally seen in the markets of larger cities such as Port Blacksand.[4]

Because they are little known, the skill and stamina for Polar Bears presented in the stat box to the right are based on those of a Polar Werebear which may, like other kinds of Werebear, be more powerful than real Bears. The number of Attacks is based on those of normal Bears.[5]

Although Polar Bears are one of the mightiest creatures of the frozen ice wastes, they share their home with other, more powerful creatures, and the Frost Giants north of the Icefinger Mountains are said to wear their skins.[6]

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