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Pookie's Eating House

Pookie's Eating House is a subterranean eating establishment located in Shaggradd's Hives.


Pookie's Eating House was established and is run by a Dwarven entrepeneur named Pookie and his two brothers, Glantie and Hungie.

As to why exactly Pookie's Eating House is located right inside a monster-infested dungeon, no facts are known, but it's likely that Pookie has chosen this location in the presumption that he could reap a tidy profit from adventurers who would come exploring the Hives and end up hungry, as they are often wont to be. However, this enterprise has at the currently known time failed to produce any significant revenue.[1]

The current status of this unusual business is unknown.

The Dwarf brothers' menue offers has in the past included (with prices per meal):


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