Pool Crawler
Pool Crawler
skill 9
stamina 14
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Large Bite, Tongue (as per Small Claw)
Habitat Caves, Marshes
Number Encountered 1
Type Amphibian
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Pool Crawler is a huge carnivorous amphibian that lives in marshes and submerged caves across north-eastern Khul.

Its one record in canon comes from the subterranean lair of Arachnos beneath the treacherous Deathmoor,[1] but it is likely found in similar habitat such as Marsh Vile and the swampier parts of Affen Forest.[2]

The Pool Crawler's Toad-like appearance means that it is almost certainly related to smaller creatures such as the Giant Toad and the Spit Toad. Its closest relative however, is probably the Rock Toad that dwells in the Twin Sun Desert of central Khul.[3]


The Pool Crawler resembles an enormous Toad, with two baleful eyes situated above a wide, gaping maw, brimming with dozens of sharp teeth. It attacks by biting and also with a long, spiny tongue that it can whip out at its prey. The warts on its mottled back hiss on contact with the air and give off a sickly-sweet odour.[4]

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Pool Crawler has no special abilities.

Further NotesEdit

  • The Pool Crawler in the lair of Arachnos was kept behind security doors, down a long gloomy tunnel, and fed with the occasional Orc or Troll. It would lie, bubbling, under the surface of a pool of stagnant water, on a bed made from mud and the bones of its previous victims.[4]
  • After slaying the loathsome Pool Crawler (and using its belly-up carcass as a stepping stone onwards across the pool), the elated hero was told "few battles have come tougher than that" and could regain 1 luck point.[5]
  • The Pool Crawler also lived in relative proximity to a Giant Millipede, and although both are fiercely territorial beasts, they would jointly attack and dismember anyone foolish enough to be caught between these two huge brutes.[6]

See AlsoEdit


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