Poomchukker is a famous Human trader from the Ximoran Protectorate who is most famous for his time spent in Fenmarge.


In Fenmarge he resided in a magnificent house on the edge of the market square posing as a Neutral wizard of great power. In truth, only Selator and Grimslade are wizards amongst the inhabitants of Fenmarge, and he is only a merchant - though a particularly astute and successful one, at that, and his wealth has let him build up a collection of powerful magic items.

He enlisted the help of a young powerful adventurer to map a way through Scorpion Swamp and thus create a trade route to the north-west lands. In this the adventurer was successful and so was born the Poomchukker Trail, named after the paymaster rather than the adventurer.[1]


Poomchukker is very tall and immensely fat, he boasts a long, elaborately braided beard and bright red skin. His companions are as strange as his appearance: he employs a Goblin as a serving girl and is known to hire anyone on the basis of ability, and leave all other factors aside.[2]


Although a fair man who always keeps his word, he is dispassionate, and sees the death of his employees as just another business risk. In business, Poomchukker can be ruthless, giving no quarter and expecting none. Anyone crossing him can expect to face the full force of his wrath - and he has a very long reach. [2]


Poomchukker is known to be a surprisingly hardy fighter and is never unarmed or unarmoured - though he generally keeps his weapons and protection hidden under his robes. Although no wizard, his wealth has given him access to many magical trinkets, which he will use to his advantage and the Salamonian Rating System judges him thus: skill: 10 stamina: 14

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