Port of Crabs is a notorious sea port at the mouth of Nankunu Bay in Ruddlestone in the Old World. It is described as a "haven to every pirate for fifty nautical miles, who prey constantly on the shipping of the coast". It appears as a ramshackle jumble of buildings dominated by the outline of the Old Fort and it has a stone jetty.[1]

The city is surrounded by a wall with four gates (the Gold Gate, the Ruddle Gate, the Dead Men's Gate and the Kakhabad Gate). It is divided into a number of quarters, including the Merchant Quarter, the Old Town, the Temple Quarter and The Claws.[2] At the time of the events described in Bloodbones, Port of Crabs was ruled over by Governor Montargo, who resides in the Old Fort.[3]

Further NotesEdit

  • Port of Crabs is described as "wind-lashed", due to its northerly location[4]

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