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The Portal of Evil is a creation that "is old, old as the rock walls that have hidden it for aeons, older by far than the humanoid races of Khul."[1]

Thus the Portal was put in place long ago in the ages of Creation before the Golden Age of Civilisation and the First Battle. Its Evil suggests the influence of the Dark Lords, although some have suggested that it may even have been the Primal Deity Elim who placed this thing on Titan. It may even have been placed on Titan by the gods but was turned to Evil by some ancient force. The Evil of the Portal has arisen before, many thousands of years ago when only the Goblins lived for hundreds of miles around. Underground a source of Evil was discovered, a gateway to another place, a forgotten ancient world of giant and unnatural beasts. This Portal had, perhaps, existed since time began, allowing a few wandering animals and humanoids to pass through and poses questions for theologians as to the uniqueness of Titan at the time of creation. The Portal remained quiescent, waiting.

One day a Goblin war-chief, proud and powerful, found the portal, entered it and was held fast by the Evil force. The war-chief and the portal took strength from each other and together they enslaved the population, creating an army of merciless thralls. Each wore a stone talisman. But the war chief was defeated. He made his base on the other side of the portal, in the forgotten land. He believed that he was safe and that anyone who passed through the portal would be enslaved or transformed into an animal if their will was too strong to be enslaved, or at the last resort simply exterminated by the portal. But a Goblin hero found the means to pass safely through the portal taking with him two animals and many flaming torches for the portal was deep underground. The portal couldn't enslave him for his will was too strong, and it could not change him for the two animals with him dissipated the portal's power, and it could not destroy him because he was surrounded by light. He went through, slew the war chief and returned, sealing the portal below ground thousands of years ago, until it was rediscovered by the greed of men.

In 262AC, Fire, gold was found in the Cloudhigh Mountains. A landslide uncovered the old Portal between the worlds and before long prospectors found it. The old Brain Slayer spells were still active and before long the Portal had a new warlord.

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