BCUS110Prince Gallant

The US version of the BattleCard 'Prince Gallant'

110 Prince Gallant US back

back of the US card

Prince Gallant was US BattleCard 110 and UK BattleCard 140.


The card used artwork by Gino D'Achille.


Prince Gallant, a champion of justice, heads Quaine's resistance against Lord Vengeance. In the Age of Vangor, his father, a friend of the Emperor, was King of Quaine, ruling from his castle at Ballantyre. He was deposed by Vengeance, who had been invited to the castle as a friend of the Emperor's youngest son, who had himself desired Quaine. Gallant and his sister, Princess Francine, were forced to flee after their father was executed. Gallant swore to retake his family home, renamed Blackwall Castle by Vengeance. To avoid the Grim Lord's spies, he travels as a nomad, accompanied by Elissa, the Veiled Sorceress who as a former acquaintance of Vengeance, understands his ways.

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This card is one of Quaine series. This card was also a Fighter Card.

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