The Prophets of Doom[1]

The Prophets of Doom are a group of dissenters in Ruddlestone (particularly in the area of Havalok) at the time of the return of Belgaroth in the ninth decade of the third century AC.

Three Prophets are known: a tall figure, the leader of the Prophets of Doom, who dresses in a long black habit, wears a Wolf-skull mask, and carries a scythe; a leper "swathed in torn rags and bandages", who rings a bell warning that he is unclean; and a gaunt, almost skeletal woman, representing "Famine", who wears a tattered cloak, and who is rumoured to be a spell-caster.[2]

The Prophets of Doom are typically followed by a rowdy mob of peasants and farmers, and walk the roads of Ruddlestone spreading their inflammatory message. They claim to have come to save the people of Ruddlestone from their doom, railing against the authorities of Ruddlestone, who they see as corrupt, living in splendour whilst the common people starve.[3] They "seek to petition the king, that he may give food to the starving and healing to the sick", and believe that the suffering of the poor is hidden from the king of Ruddlestone by those who surround him, including the Templar Knights.[4]

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