ProportaLogo Logo
Slogan "Everything covered"
Type(s) Limited by Shares
Foundation April 1997 as PalmTec
Location Brighton, East Sussex
Industry Accessories for portable devices
Key People Mike Coombes and Guy Monson (Managing Directors and Co-Founders)

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Proporta is a designer and manufacturer of accessories for portable devices (including PDAs, Smartphones, MP3 Players and iPods) whose range of products include Cases, Cables, Screen Protectors and others. Notably, they also produced the only Fighting Fantasy e-Book on license from Wizard Books.


In 1996 Guy Monson met with his old university friend Mike Coombes, to discuss an idea to produce a hard case for the Psion. Coombes had manufacturing knowledge and the idea developed. In April 1997 they registered "PalmTec" as a company and Amanda Barker joined them. In March 1998 the first delivery of two thousand Psion cases arrived and in May 1999 the first official office was opened in Coombes' father's Coventry-based metal plating company and in July 1999 the Pod Case (for the Psion S5) and Shell case (Psion Revo) are launched. In March 2000 "Scribble" was launched to cater for the new tablet-based PDA market. In October 2000 an office in Brighton became the base of operations and the employee count began to expand.

In May 2002 PalmTec and Scribble rebrand as Proporta — the name is derived from the two words ‘professional’ and ‘portable’. In 2003, as well as launching a number of foreign language sites, Proporta secured the license to produce an e-Book version of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. In April 2008 Proporta celebrated their twelfth anniversary in business.[1]

Fighting Fantasy e-bookEdit

Main article: Fighting Fantasy e-Books

The e-Book was adapted from The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. The license was obtained in July 2003 and is an interactive version of the book written for the Palm Pilot Operating System. The means of purchase is as an online download.[2]

See AlsoEdit


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  2. 25th Anniversary Edition The Warlock of Firetop Mountain - 239

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