Protoplasm is a group of related Chaotic entities, which are relatively amorphous and mindless, though there are rare exceptions. They are particularly common in the Wastes of Chaos and the surrounding areas, though presumed relatives of theirs have been encountered in Allansia also.

Presumed ProtoplasmsEdit

Mud SlimeEdit

Mud Slimes are thought to be an Allansian branch of the Protoplasm family; being similarly predatory, amorphous and mindless. They are so called because of their lairs, which are invariably deep pools of mud and slime - when something falls in, the Mud Slime "flows" up their bodies and into their mouths, secreting a potent toxin that will incapacitate or kill the strongest of prey. They will then drag the corpse to the depths of their pool and digest it at their leisure as it decomposes.

Known ProtoplasmsEdit

Brain DefilerEdit

The Brain Defiler is a grey Protoplasm that rarely grows much bigger than a man's head. This is because, like the Gonchong, they are parasites that prolong their own lives and that of their host - perhaps indefinitely - by attaching themselves to their victim's head and brain. Unlike most Protoplasms, these have a pair of black, soulless eyes which compel a man to place them on his head, and absorb all the knowledge from their host, making them ever-more intelligent as the centuries pass.

In Neuberg Keep there is a Brain Defiler that is white and floppy, looking like some kind of headgear. This Brain Defiler has memories from aeons past and otherworldly places conveying total inhuman and alien desires and needs.[1]

Kiss of DeathEdit

The Kiss of Death is a very dangerous Protoplasm that is armed with a rigid, spiked proboscis. Should it manage to latch onto a person, it can drain them of their blood in minutes, sated only when their bloodless corpse finally stops twitching. They are slightly transparent, rapidly turning crimson as they feed, the blood of their victim filling their entire being and changing their dull colour to an even more sinister one. Interestingly, if a severed Blood-Lurcher tentacle is left in contact with food for some time, it will mutate into a Kiss of Death, although the reason for this is unknown.

Protoplasmic SlimeEdit

Protoplasmic Slime is the origin of all other Protoplasms, being a quivering mass of juvenile Protoplasms which will slowly merge together to form adults. Being mindless and defenceless, a mass of Protoplasmic Slime is effectively harmless, but incredibly disgusting and voracious, and will devour anything nutritious that it can.[2]

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