A Pteranodon is a Dinosaur found in Titan.[1]

Resembling scrawny Lizards with a pair of leathery wings stretching between their ankles and elongated forelimbs, these carnivorous beasts usually feed on small animals or Fish, swooping down from the skies and swallowing them whole.

When faced with larger prey, a Pteranodon will use its powerful beak to stab and bite, before carrying the corpse back to its nest to cut up and eat at its leisure. They have voracious appetites from an early age, and can prove surprisingly loyal pets if fed regularly straight from the egg.

They can be distinguished from the similar Pterodactyls in that Pteranodons have a skull crest extending backwards over the head.

Real World EquivalentEdit

The Pteranodon in Portal of Evil is, apart from its ventral scales, largely accurate.[2]

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