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Oxford University Press version of inside title page

The PuzzleQuest Book range were first advertised in issue 3 and later in issue 5 of Warlock.

These named the books as The Tasks of Tantalon and Casket of Souls. Both were published in hardback by Oxford University Press. The Tasks of Tantalon was later published in paperback by Puffin Books as part of the Fantasy Questbook series, which included other books unrelated to Fighting Fantasy. Casket of Souls was published in hardback by Oxford University Press whilst simultaneously being published as paperback by Penguin Books and thus did not form part of the Fantasy Questbook series. The Tasks of Tantalon stated explicitly on the title page of the Oxford University Press version of the book that it was a PuzzleQuest Book and also on the back cover. In the Puffin Books references to PuzzleQuest Books were removed. Casket of Souls, which was published almost a year after its Easter 1986 estimated release[1] was not indicated as being a PuzzleQuest Book anywhere in its text, despite originally being advertised as such.

PuzzleQuest Books
Title Author(s) Illustrator Cover illustrator Map illustrator First published
The Tasks of Tantalon Steve Jackson Steven Lavis Steven Lavis Steven Lavis(BW) 1985
Casket of Souls Ian Livingstone Iain McCaig Iain McCaig Iain McCaig(C) 1987

Oxford University Press version (left) with the Puffin Books version (right)

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  1. As per Warlock Issue 5

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