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The grouping is defined both in terms of the sequential numbering and more explicitly on Checklist 110-139 where the grouping title exists. The UK edition did have these same cards but they were not explicitly grouped. Cards in this group are set within Quaine.

They were all illustrated by Gino D'Achille.

Quaine (US Edition BattleCards)
US Edition BattleCards
US No.US Name Artist
110Prince GallantGino D'Achille
111Norman StormcloudGino D'Achille
112Baron OldschwartzGino D'Achille
113Lord of the LanceGino D'Achille
114BrannakGino D'Achille
115TitaniaGino D'Achille
116Shula the ArcheressGino D'Achille
117Erik the RepententGino D'Achille
118Warrior of QuaineGino D'Achille
119Lord VengeanceGino D'Achille
120Oafus & WilberforceGino D'Achille
121ManticusGino D'Achille
122Brenn the AvengerGino D'Achille
123FeliniusGino D'Achille
124KoonsquineGino D'Achille
125ShamblerGino D'Achille
126The Beast RidersGino D'Achille
127Frost GiantGino D'Achille
128Ice DragonGino D'Achille
129Battle OrcGino D'Achille
130The InquisitorGino D'Achille

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