The UK version of the BattleCard 'The Princess' Suitor'

Quest: The Princess' Suitor was US BattleCard 12 and UK BattleCard 35. In the UK it was previously called 'The Princess' Suitor'


The card used artwork by Waldmeister.



Category StatsEdit

BattleCard TypeEdit

This card is one of The Quests of Vangoria series.

Further NotesEdit

The US version of this card reportedly had an erroneous illustration. Instead of the princess, as per the UK version, the artwork was identical to that of the Zittonian Swordsman (BattleCard), but with the foil of the wound spots not appearing. This was ironic, because the Zittonian Swordsman was the solution to the quest.


The erroneous US version of the BattleCard 'Quest: The Princess' Suitor'

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Preceded by
The Beast Riders
The Princess' Suitor Succeeded by
Baagan the Brave
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Lord Magnoble's Quest
Quest: The Princess' Suitor (BattleCard) Succeeded by
The Cursewitch's Quest

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