Quezkari is an evil Voodoo demon who serves as the final enemy of the Bloodbones gamebook. He is the idol worshipped by the story's main villain Captain Cinnabar, who granted him immortality and harvests the souls of his victims.

Quezkari's true nature is hard to define. He is mentioned in the Tale of the First Battle, having fought alongside the forces of Evil led by Death, Disease and Decay. It is said that he is related to the deities of magic Hamaskis and Shekka, having fought the former alongside the latter. This and the fact that he is referred in Bloodbones as a Voodoo Death God defines him as a deity, or at least a demigod linked both to Death and Magic. However, it is eventually revealed in Bloodbones that he is a manifestation of the combined souls of those who were killed by Cinnabar and those who were turned into zombies by his priests. This somehow explains that he needs to constantly feed on souls to sustain himself.

Quezkari's role in Bloodbones is minimal. Cinnabar, his pirates and most of the player's enemies worship him, and he has priests and direct servants around, but he only takes the matter in hand after Cinnabar is killed for good.

The demonic Voodoo Spirit is a very powerful and dangerous enemy with 13 in SKILL and 18 in STAMINA, who can only be harmed with the magical sword Nightdeath if its power is activated, and whose claws cost 3 STAMINA points instead of 2 whenever he wins and attack-round. If the player onws a Blue Crystal, it decreases Quezkari's evil power and reduces him to 10 in SKILL and 12 in STAMINA. If the player owns a Lion Talisman, Quezkari's blows only cost 2 stamina points. As such, having both items makes the final battle much easier.

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