Quimmel Bone is the undead physician to Zharradan Marr, currently stationed aboard the Galleykeep.[1]

He is the author of a number of occult books ostensibly connected to medicine and related subjects, although the majority have a far darker side to them. Quimmel Bone is not only a very skilled and intelligent member of the skeletal undead, but is also powerful enough to resist all normal means of being killed, simply re-knitting his bones whenever struck down.

Whilst Marr notes that Bone is becoming increasingly eccentric, he also admits that at times the physician is capable of extraordinary things, notably the extraction of still-living organs from subjects for use in Marrangha and the analysis and control of semi-spiritual entities - namely the Night Shadow that took control over Balthus Dire's Goblin commander at the height of the Trolltooth Wars and thereby won the battle at Trolltooth Pass.

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