Radix is one of the extra-terrestrial planets that comprise the setting to the Fighting Fantasy gamebook Rebel Planet.


Radix is depicted as being the second planet colonised by Humans. It is known for its blue soil. Due to its low gravity, architecture on Radix is much more extravagant than on the other planets colonised by humans, Tropos and Halmuris. And because of its fertility, the population live much more comfortably, with droids doing much of the work.

Like the other planets mentioned beforehand, Radix was invaded and occupied by the Arcadian Empire. Most of the Arcadians living there are of the passive Southern species, most certainly due to a much less active Human underground, though when the authorities detain "undesirables", they are known to face gladiatorial contests against various alien monsters. Despite the occupation, for the most part humans still live as comfortably as they did before the Arcadians arrived.[1]

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  1. Rebel Planet

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