Ralsteen is the hermit of Solani Island and, it may be presumed, also the last Human alive on it since the corruption of the Masters of the Elements by Evil.[1]

Although gleefully passing himself off as totally insane, he is in fact a shrewd individual who was known by the island monks of Hamaskis to give good advice if the questions were correctly phrased: asking him directly would result only in hysterical laughter and leaving the bemused inquirer alone in the forest!

Because of his wide-ranging lifestyle in the woods of the island, he was relied upon by the monks to inform them - again, if the questions were phrased in the right way - of anything unusual, particularly when it came to the Menhir Circle, where the spirit Parraine guarded the barrows and the Brass Orb. One of Ralsteen's little vices was collecting various semi-magical or enchanted knick-knacks in exchange for anything he might know - one of these was a pearl which was capable of purifying the sullied waters used by Molander in his experiments with the creation of life.

Although seemingly old and frail, Ralsteen is actually surprising agile and well-defended, easily able to escape an aggressor by leaping up into a tree, and by keeping on his person a pouch of spores which can infect a person with Lung Rot.

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