The Rangers of Klarash are skilful warriors that roam the lands of old Klarash ensuring some measure of order is kept and Evil kept at bay.[1]

However, the Council of Seven do not recognise them or their deeds in any thankful capacity. Nevertheless they continue their work. It is aid that before the downfall of the great kingdom of the Shakista Dynasty, their was instituted a special secret regiment of the King's Guard whose purpose was to ensure the peace and stability of the kingdom. Although the standing army, and various sheriffs were tasked with this as well, this regiment was established to provide quicker, more subtle justice that would not raise panic among the general population. Their presence or coming would not be announced, they would just arrive, alone or in pairs and ensure the King's justice was effected. The pledge to the service was a solemn, unbreakable vow, and the ethics of the position were passed down through the generations. It is said that the Rangers who now wander the lands of Klarash are the descendants of the last of that regiment and honour their ancestors spirits by continuing their work when even Klarash has failed.

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