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skill 8
stamina 9
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Large Bite, Poisonous Tongue (see below)
Habitat Desert, Hills, Plains
Number Encountered 1-2
Type Reptile
Reaction Unfriendly
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Rasaur is a rare type of carnivorous reptile from south-western Allansia. Its only appearance in canon occurred in the rocky Uron Heights on the southern border of the Desert of Skulls, near Spirit Rock.[1] However, it is likely to be found throughout the desert, as well as the hills and plains of Arantis.[2]

The name Rasaur means "Lizard of the Sun Goddess" in either ancient Djaratian or Arantian, as Ra is believed to be a diminutive form of Assamura.

The Rasaur's appearance is a composite of Dragon, Giant Lizard, Arantian Crocodile, and Giant Toad,[3] and it is likely that it was originally created magically by priests of the Sun Goddess to serve as a guardian at their temples. Over time, many Rasaurs escaped, and established wild populations in both the Desert of Skulls and isolated parts of Arantis.[4]


The Rasaur is a large reptilian creature with a Dragon-like head and a fang-filled mouth. It has a long black tongue that snakes out from between its jaws. The Rasaur has six Crocodile legs that enable it to run at high speed.[3] As it is also described as a Lizard,[5] it presumably has a body and tail similar to that of a Giant Lizard. The Rasaur's colouration is not recorded but is probably a sandy yellow-brown.[6]

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Rasaur's tongue has a poison gland on its tip, similar to those of Giant Toads. When it wins an Attack Round, roll one dice. On a roll of 4 to 6, it has hit its victim with its tongue, causing 1 extra stamina point of damage, in addition to normal damage from a "Large Bite". If the rules for Poison are also being used, this will add 1 to the victim's poison score.[3]

Further NotesEdit

  • The Rasaur constructs a lair that consists of a long single tunnel leading to a small subterranean cavern. Within this will be found the bones of the creature's victims, as well as its nest (if female).[7]
  • The female Rasaur's nest is a mound of loose sand, at the top of which is a hollow. Here she will lay from 1 to 3 sandy-coloured eggs. These are surprisingly edible, and each one will count as 1 Provision.[8]
  • Rasaurs prey almost exclusively on Wild Dogs and similar creatures, but will also attack lone Human travellers if presented with such an opportunity.[5]
  • Its legs may have been originally taken from an Arantian Crocodile.[9]
  • The Rasaur likely exists in competition with other specialised carnivorous reptilian monsters such as the Gretch and Sand Snapper.[10]

See AlsoEdit


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