Regulus the Unifier was the founder of the nation of Gallantaria.

The son of Orjan the Builder, founder Lendle, Regulus succeeded as ruler of the city after his father's death in either 1446 or 1464OT.[1]

He was responsible for uniting the eight greatest towns in the region to become the nation of Gallantaria.[2]

Regulus' first three sons were transformed by the Netherworld Sorcerers, but his descendents continued as kings of Gallantaria, such as his great-great-grandson Werkel.[3]

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Rulers of Countries or City-States
Preceded by
Ruler of Lendle
1446/1464OT to ??OT
Succeeded by
Rulership of Lendle merged into that of Gallantaria
Preceded by
Regulus founded Gallantaria
Founder and Ruler of Gallantaria
??OT to ??OT
Succeeded by


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