Remishaz was the Master of Air who had taken up residence on Solani Island along with his fellow Masters, but had not succumbed to the whisperings of Molander, the Master of Water, that a study of life and experimenting with the dead would further their understanding of their elements.[1]

As a result, as the Master of Fire, Ziraphelis, grew strong enough to overthrow Molander, Remishaz and Caltarelair, the Master of Earth, united and prepared to confront their fallen Masters.

However, at some point prior to this, Ziraphelis had also mastered their elements, enabling him to create a Vortex of Discord that drove the Good Masters apart and caused them to kill each other. They were not released until the Vortex was destroyed by a fisherman who had come from the mainland in search of answers as to why the seas - up until then kept safe by the combined will of the Masters - had returned to her old, dangerous self again. Even as a ghost, Remishaz retained his wits and magical prowess, though his hatred of Caltarelair made him exceptionally ill-tempered.

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