skill 6
stamina 4
Weapon Used Small Claw
Habitat Dungeons
Number Encountered 1-6
Type Undead / Construct
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

Replicanths are a type of Undead/Construct monster in the Fighting Fantasy world. They are introduced in the basic Fighting Fantasy group adventure The Riddling Reaver.

Origins and DistributionEdit

Replicanths were conceived by the Riddling Reaver as servants intelligent enough to perform certain tasks while not being intelligent enough to revolt. By unknown means, he devised a process which involved fitting a humanoid skeleton with a shell of gelatine-like jelly, which provided the animative force. The creation process is divided into several stages: A skeleton is assembled from the bones of any creature (humaoids are preferred for their versatility), then it is successively dunked in three vats, each containing a different component for the jelly coating. Once these three coatings are applied, the Replicanth can be animated.

The process was eventually turned into a small industry of a sort in his secret lair in the jungles of South Allansia, which was programmed to automatically animate the Replicanths as soon as they left the asembly line, until it was destroyed by a group of courageous adventurers. It is not known whether the Replicanth creation process survived its creator.


Replicanths are essentially Human or humanoid skeletons encased in jelly. The jelly is transparent enough for any observer to see the bones beneath it. The jelly coating comes in different colors, and that, combined with the varying sizes and shapes of the bones used for its skeleton, makes sure that no two Replicanths in any given group may look exactly the same.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Replicanths had the standard abilities of the Undead, including the lack of requirement for sleep. Unlike undead Skeletons, however, the animating force was mostly contained not in their bones but in the jelly, making them vulnerable to any sort of weapon.

Further Information in CanonEdit

More information can be found at:Source[1]
The Riddling Reaver (pg180*, pg181-182, pg186#, pg187#, pg188-190#, pg213#, pg217, pg218*, pg219#,

pg230*, pg231-232)


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