Fan Written Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks
Location: Bandur Green, Old World
References: 200
Publication Details
Author(s): Alexander Ballingall
Illustrator(s): Alexander Ballingall
Cover illustrator: Andrew Wright
First published: September 2 2009
Previous Adventure: First in series
Next Adventure: Shrine of the Salamander

Resurrection of the Dead was a fan written Fighting Fantasy adventure by Alexander Ballingall. It was first published online in issue 1 of Fighting Fantazine in 2009.


YOUR home town of Bandur Green is being plagued by something out on the nearby heath which has already claimed the mind of one of YOUR friends. With no help coming, YOU take it upon yourself to seek out the truth. Can YOU survive the horrors hidden by the night?[1]


The adventure in general follows the original rules set down in The Warlock of Firetop Mountain (see Game System).

Unique RulesEdit

  • The reader is unarmed at the start of the book and suffers a skill penalty of 3 points until they find a weapon.
  • Provisions restore 4 stamina per meal.

Equipment ListEdit

Cover and IllustrationsEdit


The cover was designed and illustrated by Andrew Wright.


The interior illustrations were by Alexander Ballingall. There were 10 full page illustrations and 6 minor repeated illustrations scattered throughout the text. The paragraphs with a full page illustration were: 10, 18, 31, 84, 88, 117, 135, 156, 158, and 186.

The colour map on the back cover was by Alexander Ballingall.

Main CharactersEdit

YOU: Hero of Resurrection of the Dead



Further NotesEdit



  • At (9) it should link to (79) instead of (75).
  • (11) mentions the slain goats when you could have arrived at (11) from (185).
  • (167) should link to (79) instead of (75).
  • (187) should link to (79) instead of (75).

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  1. Fighting Fantazine Issue 1 - p.3

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