The River Vymorn wells up from the Lion Heights mountain region in southern Allansia.

Trickling down the hillsides it drops into the canopy of the Night Shriek Jungles below. It gently cuts its way south-westerly through the trees like a serpent, before emerging from the forest to act as a natural border between the Axehead Plains to the north and the swamplands of Silur Cha to the south. From here the river widens dramatically into an estuary. It passes by the city of Vymorna to which it lends its name and provides fresh drinking water for the inhabitants there. Finally it empties into the Gulf of Shamuz at Allansia's eastern coast.


The name Vymorn means "Dark Waters", for it carries black silt washed down from the Lion Heights far to the north-east.[1]


FF31 Map - Area around Vymorna in Southern Allansia from The Book of Atlan - Titan's Atlas

Map of the River Vymorn

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