Domain Lions, Mammals
Other Names Kurawu
Spouses Chrysolla
Children Dracons (possibly)
Siblings Magir, Sku-Rachi, Meerar (possibly)
Affiliations Animal Court
Significant Cults Lions, Felinaurs
Holy Day 14th Winds (14th Birds Chatter)[1]
21st Hiding (24th Nature's Curling)[2]

Rogaar is the creator of Lions and head of the gods responsible for the mammals of the land.

He answers only to Kilanirax in the Animal Court. He is also associated strongly with Telak, the god of Courage. In the Godtime it is said that Rogaar took as his mate the beautiful Gold Dragon called Chrysolla. From this union it is believed that the first Dracons were born.

The Felinaurs, the half-man, half-Lion creatures of the eastern plains of Allansia, believe that they are the offspring of the descendants of Rogaar, whom they call Kurawu. Each year the first prey of that year is sacrificed to Kurawu by the Felinaurs so that he might bless them.

The constellation bearing his name can be seen in the Northern Skies of Titan. He is so depicted because of his courage during the First Battle. He is brother to Magir and related to the Feline deities.

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