Royal Lendle is the capital of Gallantaria founded by Orjan the Builder.[1]


The city was founded by Orjan the Builder and his tribe, who migrated from the southern highlands to the fertile plains and originally named Lendle. The foundation date is traditionally the 15th of Unlocking 1430OT.[2] They chose the site in the fork of the rivers Cumble and Eede.

"Lendle" is an old Mountain Man word for "flat plains", which described the surrounding area perfectly. When the nation of Gallantaria was formed, the town was renamed Royal Lendle.[3]

Reputation for LearningEdit

Royal Lendle has a great reputation as a seat of learning. It is certainly considered one of the three great learned enclaves along with Salamonis and Kaynlesh-Ma .[4]


City Walls and GatesEdit

The city wall surrounds the entire city, and is so thick it has tunnels and defensive posts built into it. Orjan was renowned as a builder and his original construction was much fortified during the War of the Four Kingdoms. There are four main gates exiting Royal Lendle, each at a compass point. Each gate is a massive, counter-balanced, two-door structure of heavily reinforced steel. They are set into the city wall and guarded by wardens at all times.[3]

City GuardEdit

The Royal Lendle City Guard are sworn to protect their citizens, but spend most of their time chasing neer-do-wells and tax-evaders[5] through the city streets. They dress in heavy armour and wield swords or halberds.

City GaolEdit

Captured criminals await trial in the cramped and filthy city gaol, watched over by the brutish jailer. Guilty prisoners are shipped off in iron-plated wagons to the feared city dungeon, where they are led underground, chained to a post, and left to die.


As well as the normal mixture of people in various walks of life (such as tradesman, professionals, labourers, criminals, gentry and of course adventurers), the city has long had a reputation for being home to many sages who sift through the kingdom's history.


The city sewers are a meandering complex forever polluted by the magical waste of alchemists and sorcerers. It is also a dangerous place to wander into being home to fearsome pests such as Slygore and Turquoise Mould.[6][3]


Places of GovernanceEdit

Poor DistrictEdit

A warren of dilapidated buildings housing beggars and thieves widely known as a dangerous area. Its most notable features are:

  • Markets: Situated in the centre of the city, next to the poor district, the markets are the place to find what you need. The eastern side contains weapons and equipment, while the western side contains more unsual items.[3]
  • Roggmondo's: A tattoo parlour whose motto is "No design too difficult, no bit of skin too small."[7]

Inns and TavernsEdit

Residential DistrictEdit

  • Hegmar's Sanctum: Magician's store filled with odd and ancient items. Although his goods are laid out in full view, Hegmar has several traps hidden amongst them to deter thieves. These include a booby-trapped sarcophagus and a powerful Orb of Mind-Snaring.
  • Masonic Square: A major tourist attraction filled with trader and merchant stalls. The fine stonework buildings and statues depict the life of Orjan the Builder. Some say the measurements, angles, and proportions of the square have mystical significance.[3]
  • Ranter's Corner: The round court where people stand on boxes and voice their opinions on any subject they like. it is almost always packed with a crowd.
  • Temple of Geomancers: A grassy estate owned by the Throff-worshipping priesthood.[10][3]

City WallsEdit

See AlsoEdit


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