BOTZ Roznik
skill unknown
stamina unknown
Attacks 1
Weapon Used by weapon
Habitat Goraya Castle, Romania
Number Encountered 1 (unique)
Type Human
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

Roznik is a villanous scientist and a background villain in Blood of the Zombies.


Roznik is described as a bald man with a huge scar running down the left side of his face and over his left eye; the injury which caused this mutilation also forced him to wear an eyepatch. In life, Roznik wore white labcoats with nametags sewn onto their left side.[1]


Roznik was an unscrupulous scientist hired by the mad Romanian millionaire Gingrich Yurr to unleash a zombie apocalypse on the Earth. For this purpose, Yurr outfitted a genetics laboratory in the bowels of his castle and provided him with a team of assistants and blood samples taken from voodoo-created zombies from the Caribbean in order to infect hundreds of innocent prisoners with a mutated gene, turning them all into his founding stock for his apocalyptic army.[2] The exact motive for Roznik in assisting Yurr in this obviously mad scheme is unknown; money may have been a prime factor, but this appears not to be the sole motivation. It also appears that Roznik was very hot-tempered and sadistic; he had no qualms about turning any prospective victim into a Zombie even with highly devious means.[3]

BOTZ Scientists b

Roznik and his co-workers betrayed

However, when Yurr deemed the time had come to unleash his zombie attack, he betrayed his loyal scientists and henchmen just as he would have with the rest of the world. Roznik and at least one of his scientist helpers were turned into ravening zombies themselves, but were dispatched by the only one of Yurr's prisoners who had managed to escape this heinous scheme.[4]

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