The Ruddlestone Wars were the culmination of tensions between the warlike nation of Brice and the religious kingdom of Ruddlestone in the northern Old World.[1]

With Brice's westward expansion halted by a truce with Gallantaria during the rule of King Werkel, great-great-grandson of "King Regulus the Reformer", Brice turned its attentions to the east, where its soldiers made forays into the territory of Ruddlestone. In response to these encroachments, Ruddlestone built the massive Demonkeep Outpost fortress near the Dagga River and filled it with a garrison of Warrior-priests to guard its western border.[2]

These tensions came to a head with two wars between Brice and Ruddlestone. The First Ruddlestone War was fought in 1735OT, whilst the Second Ruddlestone War was fought in 1805OT.[3] Little is known of either of these wars, although the Second War included the sacking of Ventarc, during which the Helmet of Ventarc was taken by Ruddlestone.[4]

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