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The Runic Alphabet contains 26 runes, each of them corresponding to a letter of the Common Tongue.

Ruddlestone ConnectionEdit

Passages written in the Runic Alphabet can be found across Ruddlestone. The alphabet is most notably found in two places - on a commemorative statue of a warrior in a forest near Cleeve Manor,[1] and on the sarcophagus of a Knight interred in a crypt in Myrton cemetery.[2]

In both of these cases, a shield bearing the crest of a Golden Dragon is present. Moreover, on the commemorative statue, the coda of the passage makes an almost religious allusion to the Dragon safeguarding its own. The runic script may therefore have been used by some kind of religious "Order of Dragon Knights".

This proabable order was most likely aligned with Telak. In Knights of Doom, if the player acquires Aelfgar from the Templar Shrine and is carrying a Golden Dragon Shield, he will receive Telak's blessing, restoring his skill, stamina and luck to their Initial levels and gaining 1 point of honour.[3] Moreover, Telak sometimes takes the form of a Golden Dragon.

Further InformationEdit

  • Some of the runes featured in the Runic Alphabet also appear in the Dwarven system of runes.[4]

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