Ruth Pracy (born Ruth Manning on 6 April 1954) is a writer who is known in relation to Fighting Fantasy for her contribution of The Flat Lands trilogy published in the magazines Warlock and Proteus.


Early LifeEdit

Ruth T. Manning was born in Norwich on 6 April 1954. She attended Notre Dame High School (whose alumni include Margaret Beckett, former British Foreign Secretary) from 1965. In 1978 she married John Currie, and in 1982 she married Guy Pracy, both these marriages ended in divorce. In March 1994 she married Paul Walker, and on occasion is known as Ruth Pracy Walker.

She has lived in a number of locations including, but not limited to, Aberystwyth, Borth, Arundel, Attleborough, North Walsham, Fowey, Palma de Mallorca, and Walsall. She now lives in Shrewsbury and has two daughters, Jo, born in 1981, and Kestra, born in 1994.



Warlock MagazineEdit

Pracy's contribution to Fighting Fantasy was in the form of three mini adventures that formed a trilogy, all intended to be published in Warlock, although in the actual course of events only the first two were:

Other Fighting FantasyEdit

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