Sabine Greypelt

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Sabine Greypelt
skill 10
stamina 17
luck 12
Race/Species Human
Gender Female

Sabine Greypelt, a soothsayer, is a pregenerated character whom the player can assume in Howl of the Werewolf.

She is the daughter of a renown soothsayer and inherited her mother's gift, although for her it is a bit of a curse. For her sleeping hours are tormented by terrible dreams in which she can sometimes scry her own future, that looks savage, claw-footed and bloody for her. Recently she found herself drawn out of Lendleland and towards Mauristatia, a land of dark legends. However, she is not afraid as she is handy with a sword to boot and the luck of the gods travel with her. Besides, it is time she faced her destiny and laid her demons to rest once and for all.

She starts the game with 8 Gold Pieces.[1]

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