Is this Salamonis on Balthus Dire's war chart?

Salamonis is a solid and ancient city built before the War of the Wizards in north-west Allansia next to the Forest of Yore and at the mouth of Trolltooth Pass.[1]


Now considered a bastion of civilisation in a hard and unforgiving land, the city was founded as a walled citadel at the eastern edge of the Kingdom of Allansia - however, the Elimite High Priest Sargon claims that it was little more than a collection of mud huts surrounded by a wall during his lifetime.[2] Its first ruler was Salamon and both the city and every ruler since has taken the name of that much respected figure.

War of the WizardsEdit

In 1998OT the soldiers of Salamonis held back the Forces of Chaos during the War of the Wizards in Trolltooth Pass. When Carsepolis was attacked in 1998OT, although the battle and eventually the war had been won, the city was lost. Its people were given shelter in Salamonis and their blood remains evident in that city today.

Salamon LVIIEdit

The current king, Salamon LVII, is a great patron of learning, for which the city is famed. However, he has been much criticised for his laxness in allowing Orcs, Goblins and other enemies of Salamonis to overrun nearby lands such as Craggen Heights and Trolltooth Pass.[3]

Reputation for LearningEdit

Salamonis has long been a seat of learning and is arguably foremost in this respect on the continent of Allansia. It is certainly considered one of the three great learned enclaves along with Kaynlesh-Ma and Royal Lendle.[4] The library of King Salamon LXII is famed the world over and the ancient Palace of Learning is the home of the scholars, mages and wizards of the city.[5] Within the Palace of Learning are the Halls of Learning, sometimes used as an interchangeable term for the palace. It was in the Halls of Learning that the great volume Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World was compiled over a twelve year period from the notes of many scholars into one single volume.[6]

Famous ResidentsEdit

Further NotesEdit

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