Sand Snapper
Sand Snapper
skill 7 (Tentacle - see below)
stamina 7 (Tentacle - see below)
Attacks 2
Weapon Used Tentacle (as Large Claw)
Habitat Desert
Number Encountered 1
Type Reptile
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence Low

Origins and DistributionEdit

The Sand Snapper is a bizarre predator found only in the wastes of the Desert of Skulls in western Allansia. Its one reference in canon occurred on a trek to the Lost City of Vatos.[1]

The Sand Snapper's origins are obscure, and although it shares its territory with the Caarth, there is very little to suggest that it is one of their experimental creations, especially since the only thing Snake-like about it is its tail.[2]


The Sand Snapper is a Reptile-like creature with a head resembling that of a Lizard or Crocodile. Its body is covered in thick brown scales that are impossible to penetrate with a weapon such as a sword. The tail is long and often coils Snake-like in the sand behind the Sand Snapper's body. It is not known how many or what kind of limbs the Sand Snapper has, but it does have two long tough tentacles that shoot out of the main body (from the general vicinity of the forelimbs) by pushing apart the scales. The structure of these tentacles is unlike anything else on Titan. They are segmented and end in weird-looking four-fingered "hands". Each "finger" has three or four sucker-like pads to better grip prey with.[3]

Special AbilitiesEdit

The Sand Snapper will lie waiting beneath the surface of a dune for potential prey. When a victim approaches, the Sand Snapper will bite it with its huge mouth, which immediately does 4 stamina points and 1 skill point of damage.[4] If this fails to subdue the prey, the two tentacles will erupt out of the Sand Snapper's body and attempt to grab the prey and pull it further into the Sand Snapper's mouth. The victim must fight both tentacles (each skill 7 stamina 7) at the same time.[3]

If either of the two tentacles wins two consecutive Attack Rounds, then:

The struggle is over; both of your arms become entwined by the Sand Snapper's tentacles. Slowly you are dragged into the gaping mouth to be slowly digested. Your adventure comes to a horrific end ...[5]

If however, the victim manages to cut off both the tentacles (by reducing both tentacles' stamina scores to zero), they have severed the two main nerves of the Sand Snapper, which causes the hideous maw to fall open, releasing the victim, who can then escape.[4] As the Sand Snapper itself is still alive though, presumably it has the ability to regenerate these tentacles and the nerves they contain.[6] It is unknown how long it takes for the Sand Snapper to regenerate in this fashion.

Further NotesEdit

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