Santé Shaaman

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Santé Shaaman is the captain of a merchant ship from Brice in the Old World.[1]

On a recent trading mission to Kharé in Kakhabad, a fisherman in The Wayfarer's Rest inn told Shaaman about the Mutton Fish of Lake Lumlé. Each of these large fish could provide enough food for a month long banquet, and their tender flesh was said to be so tasty that those who ate it became hopelessly addicted.

Shaaman recognised this as an opportunity to make his fortune - especially if he could bring a catch of these fish back to Brice. He resolved to immediately head for Lake Lumlé. The next morning, Shaaman and his crew sailed in search of the Mutton Fish, but the elements conspired against them as a fierce gale blew up, driving the ship onto the muddy shoals on the north-western edge of the lake. Although no one was hurt, the ship had become lodged in the mud, and the crew were forced to unload all of its cargo onto the shore to free it. Shaaman decided to return to Kharé for a second, smaller ship so that the cargo could be retrieved. In the meantime, he left a handful of crew members to guard the cargo on the isolated north-western shores of Lake Lumlé.

When Shaaman returned, six weeks later, he was met with a scene of devastation. Only one of the crew he had left behind remained alive. Three others lay dead and mutilated, and the cargo had been ransacked. The surviving crew member had lost his mind and little sense could be made of his rantings and ravings. But it seemed that the crew had been attacked by the terrible Great Apes which live in the wild lands between Kakhabad and Mauristatia.[2]

In the d20 VersionEdit

What became of Shaaman's venture after this disaster is unknown, but since we learn in the d20 conversion of Kharé - Cityport of Traps that the Merchants' Guild of Kharé took control of the Mutton Fish trade, it may well be that he failed to capitalise on this apparent bounty.[3]

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